Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time for a break!

We have made so much progress on the house. It is basically redoing and decorating each and every room! Before furniture is placed, we have to first clean the windows (yuck!), carpet ripped up (done! and thank goodness!), remove old ceiling fan, walls mudded to repair holes, primer over crayon drawings - bold paint colors - etc, primer door frames & molding,  paint everything, put down room carpet rug. Then furniture can come into the room. At a later date we will redo all the floors. Right now the large room carpet rugs are perfect! Lots of work to just get one room finished.

We have one totally done, and bits and pieces of others. Every surface area of the house has been scrubbed several times and all downstairs windows are clean! A nice feeling to just get to this point. Bathroom is totally usuable although final mudding and painting comes later this week. Kitchen cabinets cleaned and primered. Painting them white to brighten up. Color can be added through all the accessories for each room. Walls are a nice sage green. A very neutral and earthy color.

Waking up this morning was like just trying to move and couldn't.

Decided it was time for some rest! Days off! Sunday and Monday will be spent resting, and just doing whatever I feel like. A little dabbling in this and that but nothing at all strenuous! Will feel like a vacation :)

Stove and refrigerator arrive tomorrow. Surprised, but pleased, they deliver on a Sunday. Washer and dryer arrive on Tuesday. No more laundry mat!

So with "vacation" starting, I just checked email and found a wonderful course at an outstanding price! Called The Couture Dress and taught by Susan Khalj, given by the Craftsy site. Love the online courses as can view the videos whenever I want, and as many times as want. At this reduced rate very hard to pass up. Love the techniques of couture sewing and so many new tips to always learn. Also receive a pattern from Vogue. Now that is definitely a deal! Sewing room not set up yet, but may be some of my "dapbling" the next several days. Can at least get shelves in the large closets and fabric, threads, notions, patterns, books unpacked. Bring in the sewing machines and get ready to RELAX in a big way! Check out the Craftsy site for this class. Take it with me and we can compare our final product!

 No matter where you are in life, family always comes first! Enjoy them, hug them, and tell them how much they mean to you!

Happy Stitchery,

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Appliances must mean that you finally have water! Yipee!