Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More like a house!

Up-to-date pics of what we have so far. Still so much to do but now can do it on a much slower "as necessary" basis. Just one closet or section at a time.

Front room finished for a while.

 Even have a handmade battenburg lace table topper to dress up the table :)

 Kitchen complete with stove, refrigerator, new rugs, and most everything in its place.

 The landing is cleared of boxes. Still some organzition work here, but not a priority. I know where everything is at so no bather right now.

 Just finished setting up a small play area in one of the large closets. More work later to expand it (which means getting some of my stuff moved to another closet.

 Feels good to get the sewing room in a usable manner.

More of the sewing room, and still more organization needed here.

This about 1/3 of the fabric and notions in the huge closet in sewing room. Finally can see the floor!

Today was a REAL day off (never got around to those other rest days had planned). Went to several sewing shops and picked up some patterns and some luscious fabric. All for the Threads magazine article. Can't wait to see the finished skirt and the step out samples.

 The blue below was called "blue jewel" and I can see why. Shines like a gem.

Lovely embroidered fabric....

Quilt frame is not up yet, but will be soon! Working on several quilts and the frame and quilting machine is going to come in very handy once again.

Quilts hanging over the staircase. You can see where the green paint ends and the white begins. The white still needs done. Stairs and this area will come later.

Back to the sewing room today which is pure pleasure. Sewing machines (Singer, BERNINA, & Janome), serger, and embroidery machine will get that run through and nice cleaning they have waited for. Some small projects to finish and will just take my time and relish every minute.

Thank you my friends for always being there,
Happy Stitchery!

Nothing is more calming than watching the sunset on the Gulf.

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love that rug in the first picture. My in-laws had a 'toy closet' that my boys loved to play in when they were growing up.