Monday, October 22, 2012

Ready to Sew!

I finally can see my good friends set up on the sewing table, ready to go. Fabric is all put away (thank goodness for a very large closet!). Still have things to tidy up a bit, but at least I have made a good start.

I didn't think I would ever get all the fabric boxes open and on the shelves. Even before I finished, I made a trip to Pohlar Fabrics and just had to get more AND a new pattern for a very large tote.

Next projects.....
Thank you Judy from Punch with Judy for the pleat makers! Can't wait to give them a try and share with everyone.

And of course a book that should be in every sewing room.... order your signed copy from me!

Good to get some of my works in progress on the board and enjoy the colors and start the next steps. One is a block of the month from Bella Quilts, and others are just plain fun to do!
While unpacking, I found this fabulous purse I made years ago. My sister and I took the class and what fun we had designing our covers. A nice purse pattern (will have to find the name for you). You make the purse and then all the covers you want. Of course, mine is embroidered with my cup of coffee and a flowing briefcase :)

Was working on some shirring samples. Found at least 3 nice ways to make them and all depending on the final project. Will share tomorrow!

For now, happy sewing!

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