Friday, November 9, 2012

Serger Book Cover

Nothing goes faster than a project sewn up on your serger. Try any size book cover. In Simply Serging, instructions are given for memo pad covers however, I also let you know how to adapt to any size pad or a book!

Time has come for some serious couponing! I needed (ok, wanted) a cover for my small 3-ring binder. My sister, Monica, had given me an older Vera Bradley purse that I had never used but wouldn't give up for life of me! Miss her terribly, and right now so many objects give me joy and pleasure of memories. Soooo..... the cover was to be made from the Vera Bradley.First step was to decide what parts to use and begin ripping apart.

 I wanted to retain the long handles, and the inside pockets. As the inside was "fresher" looking than the outside, that was the side I used.

Following instructions in Simply Serging, I placed the 3-ring binder onto the outside fabric I was using. Since I was serging, I made sure to cut at least 1" all around. My serger seam was going to be 5/8" and remember! we are cutting fabric off. Better to be larger than too small.

 I placed the handles using painter tape. Easy to use and to remove without harming fabric.

 Pocket pieces were cut accordingly and serged on the short ends. Normally, I would cut the pocket pieces, fold, and place but since I was using the pockets of the purse, this step was a tad simplified. Almost finished!

The "lining" piece was placed over the pockets. Make a layer - outside fabric, pockets, lining. The lining piece is cut at least 2" shorter than the outside fabric. This gives you turning space.
 Turn to the right side and finished! I had wanted a closure but forgot to place along with my handles! But we are an adaptable bunch of sewers, aren't we? I hand stitched elastic to the inside. Placed and sewed my button on the other side. Closure was finished!

One of the inside pockets, was nice and long. I could place coupons here that I would redeem at the cash register. I pull them out of my binder as I shop the store. I again handsewed my elastic closure and a button to keep closed.

Thanks to using the inside of a purse, my larger open pocket, zippered pocket, and key ring are all in place. My coupon organizer is ready to shop in style!

Happy Stitchery & Serging,


Monica D said...

Very unique! Enjoy!

tran bao ngoc said...

Yes, I love my little black FW, but I mostly sew on my Bernina! It's my go to machine for piecing and machine quilting.