Friday, March 1, 2013

Sewing for your health

It seems this winter has been one illness after another! I have spent more time on the couch than in the sewing room! This has given me time to catch up on reading, hand sewing, and a little bit of crochet. 

Check out the latest Threads magazine, issue #166, for my article on three vintage sewing machine attachments. If you don't have vintage, there are newer versions available!

I have spent time reading my own books and the margins are full of more tips and ideas! Battenburg lace has always intrigued me and ready to begin a table runner. The photo is antique round table runner from Germany. All handwork. Following instructions in my book, The Sewing Machine Classroom learn how to use your sewing machine.

Amazing though is how much of a lift I get just fiddling in the sewing room. Sitting on the floor with loads of sewing patterns and fabric can cure any illness! The trouble is, now I have so many ideas and things I want to sew, I will never get them done! I will have a great time trying though!! :)

Quilt frame is now set up and ready to go! Have several quilt tops completed and ready to quilt. Can't wait to get the first one placed and ready. 

How are you handling your winter months? or maybe you are the lucky ones and soaking up those warm sunshine rays!

Happy Stitchery,


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Warm sunshine??? I've already shoveled twice today (over 4 inches and heavy, wet snow) and lots more has come down since my last shoveling. Oh well, we need the moisture.

Anonymous said...

just read your article in THREADS most informative. sorry that you have been ill,but spring is coming !!!

Cookie said...

Anyone interested in your article for Threads will be fascinated by your Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook. I got it tonight and read it from cover to cover. All I could think was I want this attachment. I want that attachment. I did this by hand when I could have used these tools. Coming back to sewing after 20 yrs absence. I bought a vintage machine and now the search for attachments begin. You've given me a new retirement hobby.