Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rainy Day Sewing

Rainy days in Spring come at a perfect time! 

Been outside cleaning up the "new" yard and trying to get some flowers in. A little harder now when dealing with Fibromyalgia. Do a little, stop a lot, do a little more. Otherwise the next day the whole body just retaliates! Terrible getting older but can't chalk the Fibro up to older. Been reading about young children having it. What a relentless disease for them, at such a tender age.
 Anyway - about those rainy days - they give time to refresh and renew while the rain comes down. Refresh the mind, body, and spirit! My best way is to hit the sewing room. Haven't really started a new project (nor finished those UFO's!) but have gotten new fabric and reminisced over previous magazine patterns and articles.

Also, been at the serger. Working with a new one from Singer (well Singer has it out a couple of years but new to me!). Just refreshing myself on the ins and outs of it. Threads so different from the Bernina and have to get used to that. Having some thread breakage, so will have to turn to my book Simply Serging, to work it through.
 What has everyone been up to the past month???

Happy sewing & serging!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I've wondered about you. Crazy busy here, and I haven't had time to do much stitching or blogging. I'm still trying to catch up on blog reading.

Clair said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health.
I hope you continue to be as creative as ever and share those creations with us all. said...

Hello Charlene,
I have your books Simply Serging and Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook. I worked the first project in "Simply Serging" and it looks like there is a mistake in the dimensions for the elastic casing and maybe the elastic.
I could not find a way to contact the publisher. I am curious if there is a list of Errata somewhere. Thank you in advance for your time.