Monday, August 26, 2013

Wonderful to have some energy! I should post at least a tad when the fibromyalgia has me down. There are many of you that also deal with fibro or similiar diseases, or possibly dealing with financial issues due to the economy. We certainly have to help and support each other.

Was busy with canning season. Freezer now stocked with garden sweet peas, peaches, slaw, corn, and strawberries. Hope to have enough tomatoes to can. Last of cabbage fermenting into sauerkraut. All yummy this winter. Canned strawberry and peach jams.

Nothing is more energetic than sewing & crafting with friends. St. Bridget's Church, Liberty, Indiana is having Oktoberfest September 21st. We've had workshops to make items for our Country Store. We had fantastic fun making chicken hats, wreaths, towels, and so many are making preserves, breads, cakes, and more yummies! WhooHooo! I can't wait to shop our Country Store!

I have added several more tabs to the blog. A "work in progress"! I hope you enjoy other parts of my life. One new tab is about books, which we all love.I found a super site called Blogging For Books. If you are like me and love! love! to read, then check it out. I have just started and am almost ready to post my first blog. After that, I choose another book to review; it comes in the mail (FREE!), and I read and blog again. There are all genres to choose from. Wonder if they have my books.....hmmm...

 Remember to keep using your serger! Add binding using the cover stitch. Soon (soon! soon! please!) I want to get a dedicated cover stitch machine. I can think of so many things to make and do with the stitch. Would be nice to just move over to the machine that is ready to go. So envious of you who have one already!
 My vintage attachments article in this issue. I so love this magazine!

Love this vintage apron. Was my grandmother's. A nice way to zip through the house and do some quick pick-up. I think my "Decide later" pocket would be fuller than the others!

Happy Stitchery!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sorry you've not been up to speed. As for that apron, undecided would be my most used pocket,too.

Kay B said...

I know very well what the fibro does to your body. I have fibro and RSDS and sewing helps get my mind off the pain when I have the energy. I just found your blog and love it. Can't wait to see more

Anonymous said...

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