Sunday, January 18, 2015

Therapy time for my fingers! Making progress but slowly. Found out the fingers will move more and more when I crochet, so started small with new dishcloths. Can never have enough of the crocheted ones!

I started making progress organizing the sewing room. I can now see the solids I am very low on. I did make a shopping trip to Joann's but no solid colors did I I just had to have some timex, wonder under, and gorgeous lilac fleece! The room does seem to overflow with fabric, yarns, books, patterns, and everything in-between - even scrapbooking supplies! Lots more organizing to go but fabric finishes, patterns almost, and now on to the rest! Still great therapy for the mind and soul. I just know God created the lovely animals to give us everything we need!

Today is Sunday, and a day of rest. Reading, crocheting, and catching up with YOU! my fabulous sewing friends.

Happy Stitchery!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Keep up the crochet, if it's working. 7 years ago, I had surgery on my right index finger. There was a fatty mass, the size of a peanut M&M in the middle joint. Unfortunately, the mass was wrapped around the nerves and tendons of the finger. I did PT, but, the therapists and the doc all said that my working hard to hand quilt, using that finger, is why I have almost complete movement. The doc didn't think I'd ever hand quilt again (thank goodness he didn't tell me that until I was almost recovered). I'll never be 100%, but, I'm close to 99%.

fifa-munzen said...

Therapy Zeit für meine Finger! Macht Fortschritte, aber langsam. Fand heraus, die Finger bewegen, mehr und mehr, als ich häkeln, so klein angefangen mit neuen Geschirrtücher. Kann nie genug von den gehäkelten und Motiven!

Karen in Kentucky said...

Check out for solids. I've ordered from them multiple times and always pleased with the quality of the fabric. They have just recently started carrying an entire line of solids.
Karen Pollard