Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Projects, Mobile Apps, and Project Ideas

Many of us find there is always an "app for that". I want to share a sewing app I use regularly. As springs winds down (hopefully! We have had such high winds), it's time to start looking for some new projects or just ideas to spurn our own.

BERNINA, USA has a wonderful app for your sewing feet. I have downloaded this one on my phone, Kindle, and tablet. Love it! Click here for information. You can also download the PDF file.

If you are not into mobile apps but still want some fabulous ideas, then sign up for BERNINA newsletter.

Somehow a comment was published that really played havoc with the website. Hoping all is well now - deleted the comment. Fingers crossed!

What are you working on? I am still playing around with crocheting with beads. Startlingly VERY small, a bracelet. Pics to come (soon as it actually looks like something......)

Happy Stitchery!

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