Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Scribd eBooks

Things continue to change on us, don't they? Whether they are life changing events, or just those itty irritations. I pray for those who are involved in those life changing events. Having been through many, there is nothing that brings us closer to God and just fall on our knees in tears. The tears can flow for years. My prayers are with you.

I have just a minor irritation. It really shouldn't be an irritation but I can be really comfy with the status-quo. I have had eBooks on Scribd.com for years and years. At times I checked them - off and on. Then all of a sudden I find an email hidden in some folder! Ever have that happen? You don't remember seeing it but all of a sudden it's there. It was from Scribd and they have changed some of their format. Changes are always good (unless you stay comfy like I do).
I loved seeing the black hemmer against the black Featherweight.
The adjustable hemmer is a joy to use!

I am in the process of adding some of my eBooks back on. The first one is the beginning of my first published book, The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook. I love that book! The publisher did a fantastic job and the photos they did were beautiful. So sorry they decided to stop publishing. HOWEVER,

this eBook is the copy I sent to the publisher! It seems like a circle from the beginning and back again.

You can purchase my eBooks from Scribd or directly from me. Click on the Book tab and you will see the many choices.


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