Monday, August 31, 2015

Part of my stash ready for some sewing projects.
My spoiled Abby when she was a little pup!

Batting finally on quilter! Have several quilts ready to be quilted.
After I finish the doll for granddaughter!
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Projects, Mobile Apps, and Project Ideas

Many of us find there is always an "app for that". I want to share a sewing app I use regularly. As springs winds down (hopefully! We have had such high winds), it's time to start looking for some new projects or just ideas to spurn our own.

BERNINA, USA has a wonderful app for your sewing feet. I have downloaded this one on my phone, Kindle, and tablet. Love it! Click here for information. You can also download the PDF file.

If you are not into mobile apps but still want some fabulous ideas, then sign up for BERNINA newsletter.

Somehow a comment was published that really played havoc with the website. Hoping all is well now - deleted the comment. Fingers crossed!

What are you working on? I am still playing around with crocheting with beads. Startlingly VERY small, a bracelet. Pics to come (soon as it actually looks like something......)

Happy Stitchery!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Get Creative! Sew With Your Feet

Always near and dear to my heart is sharing with others anything I have learned. Since we learn from trial and error (and errors I've made!), I hope to relieve you of too many errors. Whether learning how to use your sewing machine attachments/accessories, serving quick and easy projects, how to use your sewing machine, or learning new techniques - I love them all! 

Feel free to email me at
Find additional information by clicking the "Author" page

Get Creative! Sew With Your Feet e-book was the start of publishing my works. This eventually led to the publication of The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook, published by Krause. Available once again as a pdf e-book. 
$10.00 (plus shipping) - email for more information.

Your Featherweight 221/222
Especially written for your Singer Featherweight 221/222! Begin with Singer history, facts, and interesting rid-bits. Next, learn how to use some of those lovely Singer attachments made for your Featherweight. Lastly, have at your hands a listing of attachments/accessories and their part numbers. Never purchase an incorrect one again! 
$10.00 (plus shipping) - email for more information

Click the "Author page" tab to find additional e-books and all three books published by Krause

The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook
The Sewing Machine Classroom
Simply Serging

As always,
Happy Stitchery!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


I always think of Sunday as the day of rest - just as God devised. Rest and relaxation and sewing seem to go hand in hand. There are so many UFOs I need to finish and they range from quilts to purses (and totes!) to stuffed toys. I just keep starting more! Then I'll grab a crafty book to "just read" and BOOM! I am starting another item. I have sewing, crochet, and even knitting to finish.

I finished two stuffed pigs that had been cut out for a year! They are gracing my sewing room so nicely.

I finished my comfy pants! Simple pattern but I still had to make major adjustments. Some in fitting, others as the sewing steps, and also in design. Gotta make it your own!

Sitting beside me is our spoiled cocker spaniel, Abby. I made her outfit last week and finally made my pants to match. No - I'm not going eccentric, just having fun! Though at times that may be somewhat eccentric and crazy!

Pics will follow of my cutie pigs!

Even with all my UFOs laying around and my goal to tackle them one by one and not start anything new - totally blown! I just feel ready for several new purses and totes!

 The clothes line purse was fun and educational to do.
Loved this purse I made from my grandma's curtain.

Need to make another tote using the Mylar. Both the totes I made for the magazine article have bee given away!

Sew.......... will see what I grab to do while sitting in front of the TV tonight. Maybe crochet, finish the knitting project, hand sew miniature quilt...... hummmmm.

Happy Stitchery!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Therapy time for my fingers! Making progress but slowly. Found out the fingers will move more and more when I crochet, so started small with new dishcloths. Can never have enough of the crocheted ones!

I started making progress organizing the sewing room. I can now see the solids I am very low on. I did make a shopping trip to Joann's but no solid colors did I I just had to have some timex, wonder under, and gorgeous lilac fleece! The room does seem to overflow with fabric, yarns, books, patterns, and everything in-between - even scrapbooking supplies! Lots more organizing to go but fabric finishes, patterns almost, and now on to the rest! Still great therapy for the mind and soul. I just know God created the lovely animals to give us everything we need!

Today is Sunday, and a day of rest. Reading, crocheting, and catching up with YOU! my fabulous sewing friends.

Happy Stitchery!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yep! this is the second surgery on November 18th on the fingers. Splint off and now therapy to loosen up stiff fingers. a sort of "torture".

I try to watch where I'm walking now! Clutzy me and with all the snow and ice in the next months - well, I'll try :)

I hadn't sewn a stuffed toy in so long! Was a fun time with grand daughter.

Now back to sorting fabric. Following good suggestions from sewing friends, will separate by color and categories such as, animals, solids, tone on tone, fairies, etc.

This is just a fourth of fabric all over the room!

Happy sewing!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015! a brand new year

With 2015 I hope good health for all along with a fabulous support group of family and friends. The death of my sister over two years ago - friend and sewing buddy - left such a void in my life and sewing. Following her death, came more of uncle, aunt, step-sister, step-mother. Hubby battling cancer the past year - seems a load of struggles. I know I am not alone as many of you have you have your own cross to bear. So, with THREE tubs of fabric from sis's stash (added to my own very large stash), I'm ready to tackle new projects. Ready for new challenges also!

the end of September left me in a hand cast - emergency surgery for two broken fingers - pins put in. Mid November was another surgery on the pinky. another cast, finally it's now January and recent splint off most of the time. Therapy begins!

Be safe and soon as figure out how to get pics from phone to new tablet - will share more!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Wonderful to have some energy! I should post at least a tad when the fibromyalgia has me down. There are many of you that also deal with fibro or similiar diseases, or possibly dealing with financial issues due to the economy. We certainly have to help and support each other.

Was busy with canning season. Freezer now stocked with garden sweet peas, peaches, slaw, corn, and strawberries. Hope to have enough tomatoes to can. Last of cabbage fermenting into sauerkraut. All yummy this winter. Canned strawberry and peach jams.

Nothing is more energetic than sewing & crafting with friends. St. Bridget's Church, Liberty, Indiana is having Oktoberfest September 21st. We've had workshops to make items for our Country Store. We had fantastic fun making chicken hats, wreaths, towels, and so many are making preserves, breads, cakes, and more yummies! WhooHooo! I can't wait to shop our Country Store!

I have added several more tabs to the blog. A "work in progress"! I hope you enjoy other parts of my life. One new tab is about books, which we all love.I found a super site called Blogging For Books. If you are like me and love! love! to read, then check it out. I have just started and am almost ready to post my first blog. After that, I choose another book to review; it comes in the mail (FREE!), and I read and blog again. There are all genres to choose from. Wonder if they have my books.....hmmm...

 Remember to keep using your serger! Add binding using the cover stitch. Soon (soon! soon! please!) I want to get a dedicated cover stitch machine. I can think of so many things to make and do with the stitch. Would be nice to just move over to the machine that is ready to go. So envious of you who have one already!
 My vintage attachments article in this issue. I so love this magazine!

Love this vintage apron. Was my grandmother's. A nice way to zip through the house and do some quick pick-up. I think my "Decide later" pocket would be fuller than the others!

Happy Stitchery!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rainy Day Sewing

Rainy days in Spring come at a perfect time! 

Been outside cleaning up the "new" yard and trying to get some flowers in. A little harder now when dealing with Fibromyalgia. Do a little, stop a lot, do a little more. Otherwise the next day the whole body just retaliates! Terrible getting older but can't chalk the Fibro up to older. Been reading about young children having it. What a relentless disease for them, at such a tender age.
 Anyway - about those rainy days - they give time to refresh and renew while the rain comes down. Refresh the mind, body, and spirit! My best way is to hit the sewing room. Haven't really started a new project (nor finished those UFO's!) but have gotten new fabric and reminisced over previous magazine patterns and articles.

Also, been at the serger. Working with a new one from Singer (well Singer has it out a couple of years but new to me!). Just refreshing myself on the ins and outs of it. Threads so different from the Bernina and have to get used to that. Having some thread breakage, so will have to turn to my book Simply Serging, to work it through.
 What has everyone been up to the past month???

Happy sewing & serging!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sewing for your health

It seems this winter has been one illness after another! I have spent more time on the couch than in the sewing room! This has given me time to catch up on reading, hand sewing, and a little bit of crochet. 

Check out the latest Threads magazine, issue #166, for my article on three vintage sewing machine attachments. If you don't have vintage, there are newer versions available!

I have spent time reading my own books and the margins are full of more tips and ideas! Battenburg lace has always intrigued me and ready to begin a table runner. The photo is antique round table runner from Germany. All handwork. Following instructions in my book, The Sewing Machine Classroom learn how to use your sewing machine.

Amazing though is how much of a lift I get just fiddling in the sewing room. Sitting on the floor with loads of sewing patterns and fabric can cure any illness! The trouble is, now I have so many ideas and things I want to sew, I will never get them done! I will have a great time trying though!! :)

Quilt frame is now set up and ready to go! Have several quilt tops completed and ready to quilt. Can't wait to get the first one placed and ready. 

How are you handling your winter months? or maybe you are the lucky ones and soaking up those warm sunshine rays!

Happy Stitchery,