Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Circular Stitcher by Singer - INSTRUCTIONS

Just a few little notes about the Singer Circular Stitcher - join in with any of your suggestions!

I have had several requests for more explicit instructions, and just a couple of hints. So...... without sticking our fingers, let's give it a try!
After you determine and mark out your pattern, place the pin in the center of your first circle.

Put the lid back on. Now, I do admit I have left it off with just as good results - just a little sticky if you happen to hit with your finger.

The most important part is to go slow and to keep the fabric from bunching up on you. The stitcher will do the work, but you can keep your fingers lightly on the fabric as you see in the photo. If you see it start to bunch up on you, stop and readjust the fabric, and continue.

Continue sewing until you come to where you started.

Since I was using my Singer 301 and the straight stitch only, I don't have decorative stitches, but if your machine has that capability just use any you wish and have fun!

TIP: I placed a piece of embroidery stabilizer underneath my fabric to give it some stability. Practice on a piece to see if you need to do this. Just depends on your fabric.

Happy Stitching!


Georgia Peachez said...

Hi Charlene,
I just bought your fabulous book and therefore found your blog. I love your book and I gave it a shout out on my blog. I will be stopping by again, I've got you on my google reader list! xo, suzy

Charlene said...

That is fabulous you are enjoying the book! Checked out your blog site and one others should click on.

Keep sewing and just having fun!


Anonymous said...

Do they make a circular stitcher for the singer 403 I feel left out

Charlene said...

The Singer Circular Stitcher should work on your Singer 403. It attaches to the machine using the screw hole in the machine bed, to the right of the needle. The same hole you attach your seam guide on. If any readers have the Singer 403 and have used this, give a shout and share.


Unknown said...

Hi Charlene, I bought your sewing machine attacment book and I have bought several sewing feet from you on ebay. I loved the book but wondered why you did not include instructions for the circular attachment in your book. Now I saw another site of yours where you are charging about 5 dollars to get the separate instructions. Thanks M Francki

Charlene said...

Hi M Frankie! Would have loved to added the Circular Stitcher to the book, but only so much room was allowed. There are many attachments that were not covered, and so many free downloads of instructions on my web site. Hope you also found them.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hello Charlene:

Thank you for the instructions. Were written instructions ever available for this accessory? I have looked everywhere on the internet and have not found any. I just bought this accessory for my Pfaff 1222E sewing machine and have a query. Is the thumb screw that attaches to the throat plate/needle bed supposed to screw down tightly so that the circular stitcher is not moveable and fixed in position, or is there supposed to be "play" left after screwing the screw down to its fullest? I can easily giggle the circular stitcher around after tightening the screw to its fullest. If "play" is not supposed to be in the attachment, I will need to remove the Singer thumb screw and attach the Pfaff thumb screw for a tight, immovable fit. I just wanted to be sure this was the case before I alter this nice accessory. I do believe it will work on a lot of different machines. My Pfaff dealer told me it should work fine on mine. Hence, I am looking forward to utilising it with my ornamental stitches!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting these instructions. I have purchased your attachment book and it is very ver helpful. Joyce

Anonymous said...

I have the Singer XL-6000 Sewing/Embroidery machine. Will the circular attachment work on my machine? I'm sure hoping it will!

Thank you for your response, Charlene.


Charlene said...

Hi Rheta,
The circular stitcher attaches to a hole which is to the right of your needle, where a seam guide can usually be placed. If you have this hole then it will work. If not, contact Singer as to which circular stitcher will work on your machine. They have various ones for newer machines and work just as well. Singer's site is www.singerco.com


Sandra :) said...

Late to the tea party, but I just got my Singer circular stitcher today so I came a googling to find instructions for it, as my fabric is bunching like crazy when I use it. I'll try to slow down my stitching, and will try some stabilizer as well. I tried the attachment on a Singer 411 (slant) and a Singer 201 (low shank) - it worked with both. It won't work on my (modern) Babylock or Brother machines as they don't have screw holes in the bed. I'm happy I can use it on the slant AND the low shank machines - usually those two don't play well together as far as sharing attachments, lol.