Thursday, September 10, 2009

Singer Circular Stitcher

YES! I found them! So many have asked for instructions on how to use the Circular Stitcher and I only had about 2 pages, certainly not complete. As I was sitting with my books and manuals I found MORE PAGES! They are even better as they show how to use the notion to do some applique and using your twin needles. Now as soon as I dig out the actual stitcher, I will show you some examples and some more tips. For now, I do have 5 full pages available on the web site - They are printed ones and I will have them down loadable real soon - when time permits so please bear with me.

According to Singer's instructions, "Straight stitch, plain zig-zag, or decorative zig-zag stitching can be used with the circular stitcher to produce an endless variety of symmetrical circles, scallops, and geometric motifs."

There is also a brand new sewing item called the Flower Stitcher which works on low shank sewing machines. Give me some time and I will follow up on that one also.

Happy Stitching!


Carole said...

Were you able to come up with something using the the Flower Stitch attachment?
I have a Janome6600, have the foot on, but somehow the instructions are all Greek to me....
thank you

Charlene said...

Hi Carol,
I certainly got behind in uploading the information and photos to the blog. Some of the instructions do seem to be written in pure greek. Just some quick thoughts, and I will get the info on the blog site with photos: you have attached the Flower Stitcher with the lever on the top of the needle bar, next adjust the presser foot to the max if you can (some machines are automatic). Depending on your material, you also want to have a stabilizer. I use the sticky back. By loosening the large screw and sliding the plastic ring from side to side, you will be able to adjust the size of the circle. You can also adjust the needle position to give larger or smaller circles 9left, right, center). Set the decorative stitch you want and begin sewing. The fabric willj rotate automatically and the last stitching should meet the first one. Some patterns may need a second stitching for more emphasis, but that is where playing around with the various threads and stitches will help. Explanations without photos are hard for me, so I will get some posted. There is also a tad difference in how the Flower Stitch attachment works compared to the one called Circular Stitcher.