Monday, February 28, 2022

Ebooks, Email, and Updates

 Time for an update!  😀

I will update the site page soon as I figure things have changed and I haven't diligently kept things up-to-date as you can see. Lots has happened, but that would fill a book and right now is just the time for important updates.

Email - Email me at Thank you throughout the years for those who have reached out to me and put up with the confusion 😉

Ebooks - Each one is $10. Send payment to PayPal using the email if you need an alternative payment method please send me an email. We'll figure it out. 

Get Creative, Sew with Your Feet - this ebook started it all! It covers so many sewing attachments. As many, plus a few more, than the published book Sewing Machine Attachments. This ebook is the one I sent to the publishers and soon after we began the wonderful process of creating a beautiful book! Unfortunately, I don't have any of the Sewing Machine Attachments published books.

Featherweight 221/222 - A little bit of information about your Featherweight AND a list of those attachments, parts numbers, that were made specifically for the Feathweight. Plus a little bit of how to use some of the attachments.

Singer Sewing Machine Attachment Reference - A bit about Singer and those attachments and Fashion Aids, lists and parts numbers, for each machine, such as class 15, Class 66, Model 99's, 401, 500A, and so many more. 

Updates - Working on sorting out old broken links, updating blog responses (due to spam I don't have anything publish automatically). Updating the site page...and whatever comes along.

Happy Sewing!

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